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About Break'N Eggs


Break’N Eggs Creperie is a unique and beautiful local family restaurant where an abundance of breakfast and lunch items are being prepared in front of your eyes using the freshest ingredients available on a daily basis. 

Meet The Owners:
Annie Julien & Robert Sweeney


The owners Annie & Robert Sweeney met in 1995 while Robert was visiting the port of Vancouver, Canada. Together, their love of food and family ties brought them to create Break’ N Eggs Creperie who proudly open it’s door in 2012. 


Annie is French Canadian, originally from Quebec City where crepes and fresh maple syrup are tradition. She majored in Hospitality and restaurant management and graduated from Lasalle College in Montreal.


Robert is originally from Buffalo, NY and joined the US Navy in 1994 as a computer technician. Bob travelled the world and he found his passion for cooking after he retired from the US Navy. He graduated from Erie Community College and eventually the stars became aligned for both of them. 

What is a savory crepe?


A savory crepe is made from the same batter as a sweet crepe, but the filling is different. For instance, a savory crepe might have a chicken and cheese filling or maybe smoked salmon and red onions.


What is a Buckwheat crepe?


Batter made from buckwheat flour is gluten-free, which makes it enjoyable for people who have a gluten  allergy or intolerance.


What is a sweet crepe?


Sweet crepes are made with white flour and are slightly sweetened. 

BreakN Eggs Creperie Crepes_edited
BreakN Eggs Creperie Omelettes
BreakN Eggs Creperie Breakfast Sandwich
BreakN Eggs Creperie
BreakN Eggs Creperie Steak Benedict
BreakN Eggs Creperie
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